Quest for Health

In 2007 I lost two feet of diverticuli infested colon. Sounds gross, right!? Well you should see the somewhat faded scar I have from my rib cage to my pubic bone.


Sorry, I just really want everyone to know how important seeking healthy really is. In fact, the quality of our lives depend on our choices; on working our muscles, on feeding our brain and last but certainly not least, on satisfying our Spirit.

I have been on a quest for healthy living for a decade.

All those years ago I worked long hours in the auto industry, ate on the run, sat in a chair all day and was exhausted. My focus was more on family and career than my own health and I paid for it with years of illness, weekends in the hospital and finally a major surgical procedure.

Through the recovery and lifestyle change, I realized that while many of us spend hours at the gym getting our body in shape, some of us may neglect pumping up our minds with encouraging tidbits and ultimately find ourselves feeling uninspired at the end of the day. Others may be serious about dieting, but refuse to get up to get our muscles activated. And finally many of us may work on our bodies and our diet but find we still have an empty place in our hearts that nothing seems to fill.

My desire for this blog is to explore a balanced life filled with healthy choices, creative outlets, an awe-inspiring spirituality and love. Now that looks like life and life abundant and it is GOoD!


6.6.17 corner sunflower photo

Starting Over? Today Brings New Beginnings.

I am experiencing excitement as the sun rises in the mountains of Southern Colorado. I can see a church steeple glistening through my studio window as this new day begins. I am filled with great expectation knowing God has a plan to prosper me.

Hope is apparent this morning because I know His promises are for me today, and always, and they are for you as well. He says that we are made brand new in Him; new creations. He says His mercies are fresh every morning. He also says that in this life we will face challenges, but that we are to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point to move forward. — CS Lewis

Starting over is one of those challenges, no matter how old we are, that can be just plain unpleasant at times. Whether we fall from the top of a mountain, or are attempting to navigate around the giant obstacles on the way up or have found we have to turn around to begin again; we mustn’t give up. Perhaps, like me, you have some changes occurring in your life and you are experiencing one or more of the following trials or some other “challenge”. Don’t allow discouragement to set in.

Are you in the midst of…….

  • Relationship shift
  • An empty nest
  • A new career
  • A challenging diagnosis
  • New residence and location
  • Financially disruptions
  • Or something else

Stay Hope-filled.

I am sharing details of my challenge-filled journey to encourage you and let you know that there is victory at hand.

  1. My new husband and I have been married seven years after both of us came out of 20 something year marriages; a major transition.
  2. I lived within a 60 miles radius in Northern Colorado most of my fifty-something life and in the last 18 months my husband and I travelled throughout Mexico in missions and relocated to Southern Colorado in a home we are in the process of renovating.
  3. Our kids are grown up and have their own lives and we are moving into this empty nest reality. Our house was always open to guests, fellowship and kids.We live half a day away from friends and family and so we are realigning our relationship and priorities.
  4. After twenty plus years in the auto industry as a sales person, sales manager and general manager, I suddenly changed course. After our time in Mexico, we founded a business, Moringa Oasis LLC, in the health and wellness industry. I am working through the giant learning curve and rejoicing in the victories along the way.

Like Zig Ziglar says, “I am not retired; I am re-fired”

The following are some activities that are helping me stay balanced; body, mind and spirit through this life metamorphosis.

  • Rise Early. Years ago I began the discipline of getting out of bed before dawn. I love to worship, pray and meditate as I spend time seeking God. Oftentimes I step outside under the stars and say “GOoD Morning Holy Spirit, Jesus and Father” and invite Holy Spirit to be with me. He has been my comforter and greatest source of power and strength through it all.
  • Walking. It’s free and I found in almost any location I can exercise my muscles even in the rain. Taking this time to clear my head and pray while breathing fresh air has been a wonderful experience.
  • Healthy Food. I began my health conscious journey over 10 years ago. In a recent blog entry I discussed my illness and recovery and the importance of nutrition in our lives. Today my husband and I are eating food for our blood type. We are both inclined to vegetarianism and so we are enjoying the journey to an even healthier lifestyle.
  • Love, thankfulness and forgiveness. Holding bitterness is a sure way to find ourselves ill and unproductive. Starting each morning in thanksgiving and praise has helped me get through daily trials with forgiveness and love. Confessing my junk and intentionally seeking inner healing has also helped to free me of bondages that have occurred in the midst of these challenges. It all works together.
  • Believe. As I complete the final edit of my new book; Out of the Darkness, A True Life Supernatural Journey, I am reminded how much my faith has played a part in this mid-life transition and throughout my entire life. I am filled up overflowing with hope because I chose to believe Jesus and all the promises He has made for my life.

Jesus came to bring life and life abundant.

After clawing my way up the mountain, suddenly falling down, almost drowning in the moat at the base, getting hi-jacked on my way back up and falling asleep a couple of times in the mix; I know I must just continue to let go and let God lead the way.

I am learning to be at peace even in the midst of challenges. Yes, the trials pop up! Yes, there are detours in my plans! Sometimes (lots) I catch myself “stinkin thinkin” and I have to realign. And yes, there are times when disappointment could raise its ugly head. But I am determined to take my own advice, as well as Heavenly direction, and start each day brand new.






Tokens of Love

He says that His eyes search the entire world for those that have given Him their whole heart because He wants to show Himself strong in their lives. He wants to show us He is with us in a real and tangible way.

token is a……

  • visual
  • tangible
  • representation of fact
  • symbol
  • sign
  • manifestation

God is love.

His thoughts of us are too many to count; they are more than the sand. His gifts and presence in our lives are beyond measure. He has placed tokens of His love for us all around and is waiting for us to earnestly seek Him and find them. In fact, when we believe, these tokens just seem to follow us.

Signs and wonders and miracles are  manifestations of His love for us. He is alive and wanting us to witness His demonstration of heaven through these visual representations of fact. He is setting people free today as a symbol of His heart and love for us.

We are His body and He has given us authority to do these things. Through us, the Kingdom of God can be demonstrated in miraculous ways. Let us all extend a hand to heal the sick and set the captives free. Let us all take some risks and earnestly seek these tokens, for when we find them we will not be disappointed.

FINDING LOVE: a rainbow reminds me of His love

Commentary from Acts 17:24-27; 2 Chronicles 16:9; Psalms 139: 18 & Mark 16:16-18 Jewish Roots Bible

Going Green with Moringa

Little did I know that by Googling: “healthiest plant on the planet”, my life would change so drastically when I discovered the Moringa Oleifera Tree; otherwise know as The Miracle Tree. I was pumped up and excited! I began to order Moringa from all over the globe. It had yet to make a major appearance here in the west but Africa, India, and Central America were already marketing teas and powders online.

I ordered tea from Africa, powder from India, and oil from the west coast. Soon we were making it part of our daily diet. We were feeling better, more energized and sleeping better. I felt Moringa was going to be part of our future. Both my husband, Eric, and I attended a Moringa growing school to learn all about the plant from seed to harvest. And to gather information about all the amazing benefits.

Soon thereafter I began to develop Moringa-infused products such as Green Deo, Youth Serum, and Lip Rain. I sent the products out to all my friends and family to test the market and got raving reviews.



DSC00020 (1)


Soon after I left a twenty plus year career, I began my journey as missionary in Mexico and co-founder of our newly company, Moringa Oasis. Today we have a growing clientele online and within our community.


  • Moringa has over 90 nutrients
  • Moringa has 18 amino acids (all nine essentials)
  • Moringa Leaf Powder is over 40% protein
  • Moringa green leaf powder is raw and living
  • Moringa has thousands times more of the anti-aging plant hormone, Zeatin, than any other plant

Moringa is a unique superfood with amazing healing potential. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A, iron, vitamin E, and so much more. But don’t rely on my two cents…Google it for yourself and get blown away like we did. Our products are available online at moringaoasis.com and various locations in our community.





Handle With Care




Recently a phrase popped out at me from across my studio. It was as if the letters were illuminated and enlarged somehow. The bold message stamped on the side of a cardboard box stating: handle with care grabbed my heart and I have been meditating on those words every since.

Wondering why this phrase is all of the sudden so relevant, I googled it and found over 15 million results ranging from packaging labels to song lyrics to a novel. This phrase is a big deal and broken down it is even more grand. The definitions expand the meaning of the words:

handle with care

  • handle: to manage
  • care: the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something OR to feel concern or interest; attach importance to something

Since my journey is to seek health; body, mind and spirit; I believe it relates prophetically. It is a message of encouragement and a reminder to handle situations with love, discernment and wisdom. A reminder to handle every person that is placed in my path with importance and to manage every moment with love.

There are too many instances in days gone by when I was not even fully present during a conversation. I was totally unable to relate with the person in front of me and not taking the time to attempt to focus on the issue at hand. I thought I was too busy; having too much on my mind. There were too many times that I was not a good steward of the moment.

If you can relate to not being fully present during conversations, there is hope.  In recent years this weakness has been called out and is being dealt with. I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of living in the moment and handling it with care than ever before; in my life, in relationships, in ministry and in business.

Scripture tells us over and over again to care for the less fortunate and for those that are placed in front of us; to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are to make a conscious decision to care and to love. If we place another’s needs higher than our own, then our chance of engagement increases. The more I choose to love in a deeper way and the more I care for people; the more I am able to exist in the now and ultimately the more rewarding a relationship becomes. Handling with care counts.

…….in humility value others above yourselves. Philippians 2:3b

Taking a Healthy Fall

This is the third blog in this series of healthy living; body, mind and spirit. We may not fall gracefully, but we can rise up powerfully…..

Getting tripped up is never the goal in life yet it is a fact of life. Everyone falls down at one time or another; every one of us. It starts when we are young. I remember running around the playground in my red plaid skirt with knee high white socks and black patent leather shoes. Both knees were covered with bandages due to stumbling. Many times those falls made me cry and bleed. Sometimes they were embarrassing and sometimes they made me laugh, but all of them had the potential to create scars.

Today, however, I’m not writing about falling physically, though it may apply. I am talking about tripping relationally, financially, professionally, and emotionally because of our own mistakes or through being caught in the cross-fire. Either way, falling can really hurt.

As I was considering the topic of rising after a fall, I googled it and found eight million plus results. Being derailed is part of our journey in this world since the beginning. Not long after God created Adam, he fell.

This blog is dedicated not to falling down but to falling up

A friend of mine once told me that it’s not the mountains we trip over but the pebbles along the way and looking back through my life I have twisted an ankle and broken a bone in my foot on the rubble more than once.

If I want too, I can hang on to certain undesirable events. I can carry them around with me like a bag of stones that I drop on my foot every once in awhile as a painful reminder. In fact, it happened for a second earlier today as I closed my eyes to pray. I got sucked into a whirlwind of  tormenting thoughts; ‘I wish I could have’ and ‘only if I would have’ and ‘I should have’. It becomes so easy in that frame of mind to obsess a bit and think; ‘why didn’t I say this’ and ‘if only I would have said that’ and the classic, ‘gosh, why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut.’ All of those thoughts seem normal in this fallen world, don’t they. But those thoughts are like a sticky spider web that attracts depression, deception and fear.

It’s easy to get caught up in coulda, shoulda, woulda soup

Instead let’s look at the truth and wrap our minds around the fact that the “should-a” moment is over. Perhaps we failed, perhaps we didn’t, either way, we can never get that time back. We mess up and we fall down, but could it be possible that each time we do, we get up just a little bit wiser? Could it be possible that we truly can rise above our trials, fall up instead of down in the midst of it all.

What if we begin to understand within these unfavorable events, our determination can be demonstrated, our character can be polished and our hope can be elevated. The really cool thing about all of this is we get to choose. We can stay in a big bowl of coulda, shoulda, woulda soup topped off with a shot of poor me or we can rise up, dry off and begin again.

I have experienced times when I fell flat on my face only to discover it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Looking back to my teens, twenties, thirties, forties and yes even my fifties, I see so many occasions where I could have just retired to the sofa, determined never to move again. I really coulda just sat in front of the TV and checked out, but I didn’t.

God has a plan for us to prosper and if He says it, I believe it. I am more than an overcomer not because it is easy but because He said so. If you are going through a life event today I pray that even if it hurts, you will eventually consider it joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength. Laugh. Fake it if you have too. But just do it. Laugh and watch the stress and anxiety melt away. Don’t isolate yourself but seek GODly counsel and stay in a mode of worship. Whatever the struggle is it will pass. You don’t have to trust me, but always be striving to trust Jesus. He has a plan and it is GOoD.

Check out scriptures below for inspiration through the storms of life. We can always count on the Word to lift us up.


Jesus Revealed

In this blog, I intend to share tidbits of my life that fall into the category of wellness: body, mind and spirit. The introduction pages to this blog include testimonies from my life, my health and my spiritual journey. In coming posts, I will include encouraging information for healthy living and spiritual inspiration.

Do you remember the first encounter you had with that something more we all desire?

Excerpt from my new book:

Stepping Out of Darkness; A True Life Supernatural Journey

“I remember the first day I really listened to a friend tell me about Jesus, not as merely an ancient teacher, but as the actual Son of God. He told me this Jesus is able and willing to meet and exceed any needs that I may have and that He loves me and will never leave me. In years passed I would have blown him off however on this day, in my desperation for that something more, I actually listened and began to find hope even though I had studied comparative religion in college and had been introduced to New Age philosophies in my youth. I tuned in because despite my amazing children, I felt empty and I sensed a tug on my heart.

My friend gave me some instruction. He said, “speak to Jesus directly, tell him what I needed.” So I did, and ended up fulfilling my auto sales obligation in a miraculous way! I even was awarded salesperson of the month. I hadn’t opened a Bible since I attempted to read it cover to cover as a teen. I didn’t even make it out of Genesis. I was not yet “saved.” I hadn’t spoken out a declaration of faith, yet this Jesus was answering my prayers.”